Robyn Schumacher

Robyn Schumacher is Vice President, Broker and Consultant Relations for OptumRx, responsible for developing and managing key relationships with national, mid-market and boutique pharmacy consultant and broker firms across the United States. As part of this responsibility, Robyn works to ensure that OptumRx is delivering a consistent and differentiated value proposition in the market, in addition to understanding key industry trends and emerging customer requirements so this message is delivered deep within the organization's product and business development areas. As an important liaison to the consultants that Robyn works with, she acts as their voice and plays a pivotal role in sharing that message with OptumRx’s senior and executive leadership teams across the enterprise.

Robyn has over 15 years in the health care and pharmacy benefit management related space with a strong customer-centric background having held leadership positions across network administration, sales, client and call center management areas. Prior to OptumRx, Robyn worked in physician recruitment and was a business office manager for a dental practice.

Robyn received her Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point with a degree in Political Science.