Alan Lukazewski

Alan is the Director of Clinical Pharmacy at NeuGen, a shared service organization housing its not-for-profit health insurance plan WEA Trust, and its for-profit HMO Health Tradition, purchased from Mayo Health Systems in 2018. Since joining NeuGen he worked with his internal staff and PBM account team to implement several programs to manage pharmacy trends and the safe use of medications. His knowledge of adverse drug events has led to NeuGen applying analytics to identify value in pharmaceuticals by avoiding drugs with higher downstream medical costs. NeuGen has also matured efforts in medication non-adherence using analytics, enhanced utilization criteria, and member outreach, to manage specialty medication costs.

Prior to joining NeuGen, Alan worked at Oakwood Village Continuing Care Retirement Communities for over 13 years (2001-2015) as Director of Pharmacy Services where he collaborated with United Way and the Pharmacy Society of Wisconsin to implement a community-based comprehensive medication review program to help older adults avoid adverse drug events and falls. He received the Leadership Award from Dane County Public Health in 2012 for this effort. He has been a preceptor for the University of Wisconsin School of Pharmacy since 2001.

Other professional experience includes working in long term care as a consultant with Weber Medical in Chicago (1984-1988), in retail pharmacy with Shopko Stores, Inc. (1989-1995) and PharMerica as Pharmacy Manager (1995-2001).

Alan graduated from the University of Illinois College of Pharmacy in 1984 and maintains certification in diabetes health education (1993) and geriatric pharmacy practice (2009). He has been Chair of the Pharmacy Society Long-Term Care Section and has participated in the United Way Safe and Health Aging Delegation (2009-2014).